Sunday, November 10, 2013


It feels like she was just a little bald baby with red fuzz yesterday.  I can't believe she is six years old.  It is all going too fast for me.  We took her to buy a new bike yesterday.  It's hot pink.  Her other bike was getting too small and she pretty much rides her bike everyday.  I'm glad she likes being outdoors so much. 

We had our first parent teacher conference this week.  Red Fish got all of the highest marks on her report card. (There aren't real grades just mastery of different topics and behavioral things.) The teacher said that she works hard, she is a good listener, she is very smart and very kind to the other students.  Her teacher said she is a delight to have in the classroom.  Her only goal for the coming trimester was to try and be more patient raising her hand.  Red Fish always wants to shout out the answer.  I've got to say that it was rather thrilling to hear that her biggest issue as a kindergartener is talking too much since she had to work so hard to learn to talk and to not be afraid of talking in front of other people.

Red Fish is so kind to her little sister and it makes me so happy.  If she gets two of something she automatically saves one for New Fish.  If she has a treat from school she will break it in half and save part for New Fish when she gets home.  Red Fish has such a tender little heart.  She is extremely sensitive and empathetic.  She loves people deeply- her family, her friends, teachers, neighbors etc. 

She is an enthusiastic artist and she is loving playing the piano.  She is becoming a great little reader and is already plowing through the new books she got from Grandma for her birthday. She is enthusiastic about life.

Every single day I thank my Heavenly Father for sending this sweet, vivacious, imaginative, brilliant little girl to us.  Being her mom is my everything. 


Linnea said...

I smiled when I read about her answering questions, too. She's a beautiful little girl!

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