Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Good Mom Day/Bad Mom Day

The last couple of days have not gone at all as planned.  Yesterday I planned to get several things done and didn't manage most of them.  Instead I spent hours reading to the kids (until I lost my voice) did glue-less collages with New Fish and Thing 1 after swimming lessons and picked Red Fish up from kindergarten.  Red Fish was dying to ride her new bike and Thing 1 really loves our old tricycle so we planned to be outside for a half hour before lunch.  That half hour turned into three hours with a picnic, bike rides, bubbles, painting, tag, friends and sunshine for three hours. I'm a sucker for nice weather and happy kids. It nearly killed us to go inside and take care of a few things. Everyone was happy for piano practicing, reading etc.  It was a good Mom day.

Today has not gone as planned either.  I couldn't go to a friends event that I was looking forward to.  I got a ton of design work done even though I have a terrible cold and can't talk but when I picked Red Fish up from school she burst into tears in the car.  I got my days mixed up and missed the assembly that was today (not tomorrow like I was thinking.)  She won a prize in an art competition for the school and gets to move on to the district level.  I am so proud of her I could burst.  I'm also devastated that I missed it. I wanted to be there so badly.  She is so excited that she won.  One of my friends got pictures for me so I will have to post those later. You would think I would know that tomorrow is the 13th since it is my birthday.  Can't even remember my own birthday.  Don't ask me how old I am.  I can't remember.  Bad Mom day.


Linnea said...

Bad mom days seem much worse after Super mom days!

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