Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend

Enjoying the fresh air.

Red Fish riding in the jogging stroller on part of our walk through the mountains.

Red Fish looking cool with her hair spiked up from the sunscreen and her giant sunglasses. She is a tiny fashionista.

E and Red Fish

We spent the weekend up at my parent's cabin in Park City. We went with my childhood friend S, her husband, and their daughter E. E and Red Fish got along so well. They kept passing toys back and forth and patting eachother on the back. They also gave eachother plenty of kisses. It was really sweet. It's the first time I have seen Red Fish really interact with another baby. She loves little kids but she is usually kind of indifferent to other babies. I guess she is getting older and more active so it makes it fun.

We watched a movie last night and played with the babies. Then yesterday morning we went on a nice walk through the moutains and then drove down to do a little shopping. Red Fish slept through most of the shopping but she had a good day. After lunch and cleanup we went home so Two Fish's Father's Day present could be delivered. I bought him an eliptical machine because he keeps talking about how he wants to work out but hates to be away from home more than he has to already. (He works kind of far away so the drive time makes for a long work day.) He was pretty surprised I bought this without him knowing. He had no idea I ordered it weeks ago. For the last couple weeks he has been spotting sales and driving me crazy to buy one. I was way ahead of him. (Plus I found a better deal- which I always love. I'm all about deals.)

Last night we started off the Father's Day celebration at Two Fish's mom's house. We had dinner with family and went to the park for awhile. It's been the perfect kind of park weather.

Two Fish's first Father's Day. Red Fish was to interested in the birds and plants to have her picture taken. She loves going outside.

Now we are headed to my grandparent's for another Father's Day dinner. Should be fun. Busy busy busy as always.


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