Thursday, June 5, 2008

She's On The Move

It's official! Red Fish is mobile. She army crawled across the whole family room and straight to the DVDs to throw them off the shelf. I'm sure she has been wanting to play in those for months. All week she has been up on all fours rocking so we knew it was coming. It's slow going but she is really moving now.

Okay is this cute or what? Lovely N stopped by today to show off her new hairdo and Baby A decided to give Red Fish a big kiss. I love Red Fish's expression. She looks delighted!

In other recent happenings- Blue Fish was shaved for the summer. He looks really cute! I had no idea he was so thin. I thought he might be a bit pleasantly plump but under all that hair this thin little body was revealed. He is a little disturbed about the shaving but seems to be over it. Now Red Fish won't be pulling out chunks of hair anymore!


TheStudes said...

1. how exciting that red fish is on the move!!
2. aaahhh baby kisses are so cute
3. blue fish makes me laugh he is so proud of his new haircut.. lol

Annie and Mark said...

Now she will be walking before you know it!

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