Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Truly Perfect Weekend- The Beginning of Forever

This was really a wonderful weekend for us. Yesterday we took Red Fish to the Temple. We were sealed together as a family for all eternity. The joy I feel at knowing Red Fish is my daughter for eternity is beyond measure. She has been a true miracle in our lives and I couldn’t possibly love her more than I do. We couldn’t have asked for everything to go more perfectly. When we first walked into the temple the workers took Red Fish to the nursery to be dressed. Two Fish went with a worker to get ready and I went with my Mom and Mother in Law to get dressed.

We had some friends and family with us in the sealing room. Both my Mom and Mother in Law held Red Fish (They had us ask someone to hold her and hold her hand on ours on the alter.) Our sealer, was Dad’s mission president in Sweden. He sealed Two Fish and I when we were married. The sealer's health is not good because he has Parkinson's so he told us it was very special to seal us because it is probably the last one he will do. He waited in a smaller sealing room with the two of us until all the guests were seated. After we went into the sealing room the workers brought Red Fish in. I think everyone in the room gasped a little when she came in. She just looked like an angel who knew we were all waiting for her arrival. We bought her a really beautiful dress but there was something about her expression that was just perfect. She was so happy and glowing. The sealing ceremony is very short but the entire time she just smiled like she knew exactly what was happening. When the sealer talked about her Dad she looked at her Dad. When the sealer talked about her Mom she looked at her me. It was very sweet. Nothing can break this sealing. It is binding for eternity. We thought that was pretty poignant. The spirit that was in the room was almost overwhelming. I wish I could know what Red Fish saw because I’m sure she saw angels.

We took a bunch of pictures after the ceremony with our family in front of the temple. My lovely friend N took them so I will post them as soon as I can. I haven’t seen them yet. It was really wonderful weather so hopefully we got some good ones. After pictures we went to dinner for grandma’s birthday. Then we went home to get the house ready for today and make some breakfast casseroles.

Then Today Two Fish blessed and named Red Fish in church. He gave her a really beautiful blessing. He blessed her to know how loved she is and for many good things in her life. Red Fish wore the same dress and looked so beautiful. She was so sweet and good for the whole thing. When Two started the blessing she reached up and grabbed his lips. She had her headband in her mouth by the time they finished but she was SO GOOD. We couldn’t have asked for everything to go better.

After church we had both of our extended families over to our house (around 40 people in a small house) for brunch. The kids all ate on a blanket in the backyard and were really well behaved so it went well.

After everyone left we went to my Mom and Dad’s house (we took our dog over there this morning to keep him out of trouble.) We played in the grass with the dogs much to Red Fish’s delight. Then we swung in the big hammock and ate some lunch. We had a really lovely leisurely day. I even went on a ride with J on his new motorcycle. It was a little scary. Then we just kind of napped and played. It was a truly wonderful day. Can it possibly get any better than this?


Nancy said...

Congratulations you guys. I think that is a really neat thing to be able to do. It's so awesome that we have the knowledge that we do and the opportunity to recieve so many blessings! Congrats again!

South African In London said...

I am so happy for you, your beautiful daughter is now sealed to you for eternity. Congratulations!!

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