Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lovin' Summer

We are really enjoying our summer. Yesterday Two Fish's office had a party at the local amusement park. It isn't all that impressive and I definitely wouldn't want to pay their big prices (I'm a cheapskate!) But Two Fish and I did have a really good time. It made me feel like a kid again. Remember that amusement park smell? It still smells like that. The new rollercoaster is pretty good too.

Then tonight we went over to see a friend from my childhood. Cody grew up down the street from me but I haven't seen him in years! It was so fun to see his cute wife and their twin girls. We just had dinner and caught up a bit but I'm really enjoying getting in touch with old friends. Plus it's fun that we all have babies and can get together to do stuff. Tomorrow is a BBQ with family (our second BBQ this week.)

Splashing Mommy.

Floating on her back. I love this picture!

See those little legs kicking?

Red Fish is definitely a fish. We took our niece and nephew swimming today (their Mom is in the hospital recovering from a new baby- CONGRATS you guys!) They were so cute. B has a new snorkel set so he wanted a snorkeling lesson. L just wanted to hang onto us the whole time or jump off the side of the pool. Red Fish has decided she likes her life jacket now which makes things a little easier. She just LOVES to swim though. She kept pushing away from me and wanting to float on her back. She kicks her legs furiously and splashes with her hands. She was actually SWIMMING! It was so cute. I wish we had taken our video camera. She stayed in for an hour and a half. If it doesn't look like she is smiling in the pictures it's because she has decided that it's important to buzz her lips in order to propell herself through the water. We're loving summer!


Steph said...

I was very concerned about your daughter for a minute. I thought she was underwater in the picture of her on her back!

One Fish said...

It does look like she is underwater!

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