Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Baby Swim Day

Gotta protect that white little baby skin!

Baby A

Modeling her swimsuit and feeling the grass

Sponge Bob Square Pants


We had the first official baby swim day yesterday. In other words lovely N and I took the babies in my Mom's pool for the first time. Baby A had some fun but decided she liked nap time better. Red Fish loved it! She stayed in the water for over an hour slapping the water and kicking her legs. She did not, however, appreciate the life jacket I bought for her. I think she couldn't feel me holding her with the jacket on and it pushed against her chin when she was floating. She will have to learn to like it though if we are going to take her on the boat. Two Fish tried to give Red Fish a bath last night and she was twisting and kicking and trying to stick her face in the tub water. I think she might actually really be a FISH!


TheStudes said...

hurray!! I love baby swim day! Red fish looks sooo cute in the pool.

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