Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Season Begins

 I can't believe it is already December.  I keep feeling like time just continues to speed up.  We have so many fun things planned for this month.  I'm hopeful it won't turn out to be too many plans.  Tonight we celebrated the first night of advent.  My girls like to light all of the candles every week and eat dinner with them burning.  We ate peppermint stick ice cream after dinner and then got out all of the Christmas decorations.  Decorating the tree continues to be one of my favorite traditions even though it always stresses me out a little because I'm so attached to the Christmas ornaments.
 The girls have already been wearing their Christmas jammies.  I like to the PJs to them early so they can wear them a bunch during December.

 Our house is all decorated and it is definitely not pinterest worthy but I love getting these things out every year and reminiscing over each thing.  Red Fish remembered where we kept everything in years past and she got especially excited over all of the traditions we have for the month of December.  She is definitely her mother's daughter.  New Fish just kept saying: "It's fabulous!  It's just so fabulous." 
I don't think it is possible for me to love these little cuties more than I already do.


Linnea said...

I love catching up with you here. We missed you guys last week!

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