Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sugar Cookies and Santa Lucia's Day

 I have never felt this crazy during the Christmas season before.  Thanksgiving was too late this year and I didn't get enough done ahead of time.  I swear that next year I will be better prepared.  I'm a bit frantic trying to fit in all of our family traditions and holiday activities and still make sure we concentrate on the reason for the season. In spite of the craziness it has been an awesome month so far.  The girls are at such a fun age and they are so excited about everything we do, even if it is just a simple family home evening lesson or making an ornament or watching a Christmas movie.  They also have their own idea about what our Christmas traditions are and what they should be.  For the last few years they have insisted that we have to bake and decorate sugar cookies even if we have baked a few other kinds of cookies.  So I guess it is a tradition now.
The girls requested a "fancy" family home evening.  We had pizza on Christmas china followed by frosting freshly burned sugar cookies. We are classy like that.
 Their cookies always end up with an abundance of decoration.
We also celebrated Santa Lucia and delivered goodies to our neighbors in the cute outfits.  (Thanks again Perssons!)


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