Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Busy Day Of Creativity

The kids have been spending time outside every day and my drying rack full of snowy clothes is always out.  Today they went sledding down a neighbor's driveway but they don't last long outside because it is so cold.  I think I had better come up with a whole bunch of indoor activities to have stocked over the winter.  Luckily, the kids have no problem coming up with some activities of their own.  Today the creativity started with cutting out dozens of paper snowflakes.  Red Fish has been a fan of making snow flakes for years and New Fish is finally deft enough with the scissors to make them with little frustration.

 We now have garlands hung all over the house.
 Then we got out some paint to make hand print trees which turned into a finger painting/sensory activity instead. (Notice Red Fish's decorative hat.  It is pretty on par around here for the kids to be wearing a homemade accessory of one kind or another.)

Red Fish
New Fish
 Then Buddy B came over for puzzles, games and blocks and the kids decided to make sculptures out of wood bits and a box of broken ornaments from my grandparent's house.

New Fish
Red Fish


Linnea said...

My kids once tried indoor sledding down the stairs. I quickly ended their fun, but you are a cool creative mom. I'll bet you could find a way to make that work! :)

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