Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

We started off Christmas Eve with dinner at our house.  When I was little my Mom let us pick our favorite food for dinner and then cooked them all together even if it made for a crazy menu.  We decided to give that a try this year and we had pizza, enchiladas, oranges, baked potatos with all of the fixings, pasta and alfredo sauce, stuffing, garlic bread, pumpkin cookies, peppermint ice cream and fancy drinks.
 After dinner we sang Christmas carols around the piano.
Three generations playing We Wish You A Merry Christmas together.

 I love this picture because this expression is pure Red Fish.  It is her love face.

 We bundled up and drove downtown to see the temple Christmas lights. It was a beautiful night and there is something magical about all of those lights.  The kids were getting a little fried and New Fish didn't have a lot of interest in walking but we had a good time.

 When New Fish perked up a little she became her usual boisterous self.

 I thought the girls would be asleep when we got home but there was no chance they would sleep through putting on the Christmas jammies and opening one present.
 After the girls got in bed Two Fish and I started our work.  Santa does not wrap at our house.  After we free all of the toys from their adult proof packaging (seriously must they sew the doll clothes down to the box?) I stage the gifts for the next morning.  I love it. I have fun arranging all of the toys.
Red Fish
New Fish
Blue Fish was not neglected this Christmas.  He gets a couple of stuffed toys every year.  We call them his babies because he will carry them around for months and he gets seriously attached to them.  He was the happiest dog alive when he woke up Christmas morning and found his stocking.


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