Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day

Waiting to come downstairs
 New Fish ended up in our bed around 4:30 am because she was too excited to sleep.  It is the first year she has counted down to Christmas.  It really stressed her out this month waiting for Santa. 
Princess cowgirl
Our little veterinarian
 This anatomy model is one of Red Fish's two favorite presents.  She has been telling everyone about how she can remove all of the organs. She calls it her "gross little guy."
 After we had opened some presents we went to my parent's house for breakfast and to exchange gifts with our T family.
All of the cousins
The kids opened gifts and played together.
 Thing 2 was very taken with her giant teddy bear.
 In the afternoon we went to exchange gifts and have dinner with our O family.
The girls adoring their oblivious cousin E.

Red Fish exchanging gifts with L.

Grandma and New Fish


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