Wednesday, May 1, 2013

m is for magnets, metal and music

Today we talked about the letter "m" for metal and magnets.  Our nursery rhyme was "Do You Know The Muffin Man?" We read a little bit about magnets in Usbourne's Childrens Encycolpedia and then I set out ice cube trays of random objects.  The kids used magnets to pick out which items were magnetic.  They LOVED all of the magnet acitivities.  They had so much fun playing with everything today.
Our experiment trays

 Our sensory bin today was full of pinto beans and objects like spoons, clothes pins, bobby pins, bolts, washers, paper clips, jewelry etc.  The kids would hold onto their magnets and swirl their hands around in the bin until the magnet was covered with metal objects. 

Playing in the sensory bin
 We did letter recognition by cutting out the letter M with scissors.  Then they used our metal (shredded aluminum foil- too bad it isn't magnetic) and covered it with glitter glue. 

 I have been planning too many activities for the past month or so and music time has gotten short changed, much to Buddy B's dismay.  So today we spent a good 45 minutes doing musical activities.  We paraded through the house with instruments, danced with streamers, played musical games with the parachute and sang our hearts out. 
 We did math by putting magnetic numbers on the fridge.  I would put one up and they would have to put up the number that comes before and after it.
Then we got out our magnetic dolls and the kids spent a good long time acting out their future wedding (to eachother of course) with the dolls.  It was hilarious.  They kept changing outfits on the dolls in case they went to their honeymoon on skis or in the ocean.  It was pretty funny to listen in on their story.


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