Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ear Piercing

Getting ready
 When I was a little girl, I desperately wanted my ears pierced and my grandpa egged me on.  I was supposed to wait until I ten years old.  I begged endlessly to get them done early.  Just before my 9th birthday I was holding onto my Dad's foot and dragging behind him as he walked down the hall, begging to get my ears done.  He shoke me loose and told me he just didn't care anymore.  I think he meant that he just didn't want to talk about this anymore but I took it as the green light.  My grandparents took me to get my ears pierced.  Two Fish and I had decided we would let our girls get their ears pierced whenever they seemed to desperately want them done.  Red Fish has been pleading for months now even though I explained the process thoroughly to her.

We took a little road trip to visit my grandparents and we all went together to watch Red Fish.  She looked pretty nervous before they pierced them and I wasn't sure she would go through with it.  She was determined.  She didn't even cry afterwards.  She loves her little earings.
In process

Deciding whether to cry or not.


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