Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Art Group Day 1- Yellow Umbrella Paintings

We kicked art group off this year with Yellow Umbrella paintings like we did two years ago
 I can't remember where I saw this project idea originally because I have since seen it several places but I believe it originated with Julie Liddle, art therapist and art teacher, who runs Art in Hand in Washington, DC.  We looked at the beautiful Yellow Umbrella book by Dong Il Sheen & Jae-Soo Liu.  It has a CD of music that goes along with the pictures instead of words.  We discussed the mood of each picture and what the kids could hear happening in the music.  We talked about layering the paint and adding shadows.  We talked about the contrast between the umbrellas and the background and the kids helped me mix up the background paint.  We painted backgrounds in muted pastels and then added tissue paper circles as the umbrellas.

Unfortunately it was ridiculously windy and even taping our paper down didn't seem to help.  If anyone has any brilliant ideas of how to properly hold and art class in the wind, please let me know your secrets.  It would be awesome if I could get a stack of masonite boards for them to tape their pieces to.  If anyone wants to cut up boards for me, I will let you.


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