Monday, April 29, 2013


A little while ago Red Fish brought "Duso" the dolphin home from preschool.  She had to take him on all of her adventures for a week and then write down what they did together.  I loved hearing what she thought about her week.

Duso came home from school with me.  I was the line leader.  We made lion manes.  First T came over after school.  We made collages with rainbow stuff and we made fishy glass windows.  We fingerpainted.  We colored.  We did science experiments with red, yellow and blue and mixed them to orange, purple and green.  We mixed them up from colors.  When T went home, S invited us over.  We played kingdom.  I was the queen and S and New Fish were honeys and A was the king.  We watched a movie.  I didn't want to go home so I cried. Then I got ready for soccer.  Tonight I went to my soccer game.  My uniform is turquoise.  It was cold. I wore a puffy, big coat.  I scored a goal and I was happy.

I went to speech in the morning.  Duso came with me.  It was good.  Mommy picked me up.  B's Mommy is coming over for visiting teaching.  I went to T's house.  We played dress up and the boys were zombies.  I went to piano lessons.  It was fun.  I passed off two songs.  Then we went to get slurpies.  We went home.  We had dinner and it was my favorite.  Mommy read me the rest of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.  Duso loved it.

Duso came with me to school.  I wore a lion mane.  I played with J.  I got my face painted and my arm.  A clown came to school and she made a bunny.  She was a girl with purple hair.  I ate lunch.  I finished my math workbook and I get a prize.  I went to T's house to play princesses.  Mommy taught me to ride my bike without training wheels.  i rode all the way down the sidewalk.  My Daddy is going to be excited.  My Daddy took me and New Fish to the dollar store for prizes and I got a Carebear coloring book and crayons.  Daddy read me stories.

Baby Thing 1 came over.  We  played with Thing 1 and MeMine came over.  We played rescuers down under and I was a bald eagle and New Fish was a princess and Mommy and MeMine were the captains of the ship.  I made a cannon out of paper to shoot a net.  We went to soccer practice.  T and T were there.  T came home with us and we shot bubbles at the dog.  He jumped up and caught them.  After Daddy came home we went to dinner at Pei Wei.  It was fun.  I had a cookie at the end with a paper in it.

We did science experiments and learned about bodies.  We learned about lungs.  We had a bottle and a long thing (surgical tubing) and we filled the bottle up with air from our lungs.  We played math games and had a relay race.  Daddy helped me ride my bike.  It was cool.  I can ride it down the street by myself.  My butterfly came out of his cocoon.  We painted butterflies of paper and antenaes.  We still have butterflies that need to wake up.  My ants dig tunnels.  Sometimes I watch them but I like the butterflies.  It was fun to have ants and butterflies.

We baked brownies.  Mommy and my little sister named [New Fish.] We went to church.  Then we had dinner and A.J. and her whole family came over.  We played with her.  We had salad, grapes, tomatoes.  I ate all of the tomatoes.  We had apples, onions and carrot salad.  We had meat.  I wore my Rapunzel wedding dress nightgown to bed. 

We went to swimming lessons.  I got five punches on my swimming lesson card.  I'm five.  I learned my strokes.  We got ice cream cones and seeds to play.  Mommy practices piano with me.  Mommy and Daddy are nice.  We went on a pony ride at the farm and saw baby goats.


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