Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VIB- Very Important Blankie

We've been trying to ditch the pacifier or at least make it not a constant thing. The last couple months Red Fish has started carrying it around like an accessory and using it incessantly and it was starting to bother me. We planned to snip the ends of the pacifiers a little at a time until there was nothing left to put in her mouth. One round of incredibly miniscule trimming and she no longer wants it other than bedtime and the occasional nap. I'm very happy. To replace the void left behind she has latched onto this blankie like you wouldn't believe. She has always been pretty fond of it but willing to accept several other blankets as an alternative. Now it is all about this pink furry one. She wears it around the house like a mink stole. She has to burry her face in it and kiss at least 100+ times a day. It's pretty cute. Plus it was a lifesaver on our California trip for the fussy times. It comforts her the second she touches it. Now we just have to remember not to leave it anywhere!


Blogful said...

My pediatrician actually suggested making a comfort object as a means to build self esteem. Jane loves her blanket so much we actually bought a spare for laundry day. Helps her go to sleep and deal with trauma like bumps and departures and whenever we travel she is instantly at "home" and things are okay.

The Studes said...

If you need an extra you can have Avi's she doesn't use it as much as the other ones.

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