Monday, September 8, 2008

Muffy Got Married

Arby is descreetly trying to switch his ring from his right hand after the ring ceremony. Don't the look cute together?

This last weekend we went to California to see my college roommate codenamed Muffy get married. Muffy has been engaged for forever to her fiance Arby. We adore Arby, who came to visit and get our approval a couple years ago. Red Fish took her 2nd plane ride into San Louis Obispo where Muffy lives. This plane ride did not go nearly as smoothly as when we went to Bonaire even though it was a much shorter flight. Now that Red Fish is mobile she is MUCH harder to travel with. I think we must have been insane to fly with a baby just for a one day trip. We should have stayed longer. We stayed with lovely N's parents in Atascadaro who were so nice to us. Lovely N's Mom even took care of Red Fish while we went to the wedding the next day and Lovley N's Dad drove us all around California.
The first night we went to their rehearsal dinner and had a little reunion. It was so fun to see Muffy. I wish I could have seen more of her while we were there but she was a little busy getting married.Muffy and Arby got married in the Fresno temple in a really beautiful sealing. I don't have pics from outside the temple because I'm counting on getting copies from Lovely N. She was the photographer for the temple stuff. On the way to the reception in Cambria (yes we did a ton of driving) the car shut off for a bit. We decided to take advantage and take a few pics. Luckily the drive was very scenic through a bunch of wine and farming country.They had a really nice ring ceremony outside before the reception.

The three of us
Daddy daughter time waiting for all the pictures to be taken.
One Fish, Red Fish, Muffy, Baby A, Lovely N- all the girls together
Trying to crawl in her fluffy dress
A little mother daughter moment.
Red Fish had a little crush on the ring bearer but who wouldn't with that dashing little tux?
Red Fish was busting a move on the dance floor. She is SO CLOSE to walking. She keeps taking a chair and sliding it around the room to balance herself. It's really cute. She is very into dancing. She starts wiggling everytime she hears music. She loved the music at the wedding.


Amanda said...

Oh, my. It's been so long I almost didn't recognize Muffy. Congrats to her, and great that you were able to be there. Sounds like you had a great time!

Joanna said...

I love your dresses! Looks like a blast!

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