Wednesday, September 16, 2015


 My sweet Lynnie-Lou Bubba-Lou Bub is six. I wish I could capture her five year old self in a bottle and keep it even as she gets bigger and smarter and even more fun every single day. She is budddy. We have gotten to spend so much time together the last year. It has been a really special time. One on one time is a priceless commodity.
 On her birthday her teacher had her bring a favorite book to share with the class. New Fish wanted to read it to the class herself. She is a great reader.
 We had a little family birthday party on Sunday

 We read the "Little Princess" over the summer and New Fish really wanted a gold heart locket for her birthday with a picture of her family and picture of her dog in it. Easy wish to fulfill.
All of her little friends from our street materialized to be with her on her birthday. They spent time doing pearler beads.


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