Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Random Things Of Late

 We always drive through the mountains when the leaves begin to change although we were a little disappointed with the leaves this year. It wasn't nearly as pretty as years past but it is never a bad day in the mountains.

 Practicing her babysitting skills on Baby Pixie while I supervise.
 Building bottle rockets in the backyard with friends A and  T
 The school has a fun run every year as a fundraiser. I tried to convince Red Fish to just do a portion since she had big casts on her legs but she insisted on doing the whole route. We were the last ones back to the school but she made it. Two of her friends stuck with her the whole way. Red Fish is the most determined kid that I know. She doesn't let anything stop her.

My awesome sister in law M.E. came and ran with New Fish. New Fish is turning into a little speed demon and was one of the first kids finished with the run. She didn't stop the entire time. Thing 2 who I am now going to start calling Doodle was in a stroller with us.

 One of our most recent outings was to the Aquarium with my friend Lovely L and her kids. 


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