Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Asia's Legs And Other Randoms

 Red Fish has been having some major foot issues. She has always been a major toe walker but I felt like like the shape of her feet was changing this summer so I took her in to see a specialist at the children's Orthopedic Hospital for a consultation and we ended up walking out with two leg casts and a plan for serial casting over the next six weeks. She is now in ankle and foot braces that she will use for a few months. Her ankle cords were too tight and needed to be stretched and now it looks like she has skeletal bunions. We are hoping to avoid bunion surgery by having surgery on her growth plates in six months to a year.  It has been rather dramatic for Red Fish and the rest of our family.

We have had mostly warm weather which has been great because pants do not fit well over Asia's casts. On one of the few cold days Asia wore her pajama pants that she sewed herself. We did end up ironing them so they weren't so wrinkly but she loved showing them off at school. She is a silver lining kind of girl- she really knows how to make the best of things.
Right before school started Red Fish asked Two Fish to take her on a special Daddy Daughter outing and she got all dressed up. It was so sweet. This girl adores her Daddy.
T, New Fish and Red Fish riding scooters to school the second day of school


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