Saturday, September 26, 2015

Random Stuff We Have Been Up To

 Visiting the farm at Thanksgiving point with T and the cousins.
 Red Fish and T- horse obsessed.
 Riding the horses in her casts with Two Fish's socks over them.
Playing legos with their friends C and Ben. They are all about legos all of the sudden.
 A little father daughter hike (in casts)
 Reflections projects- working on their videos

 This kiddo is playing soccer. Obviously Red Fish is missing this season. New Fish loves being goalie and she is hilarious to watch.
 She is so much fun.  She dances everywhere she goes and she is obsessed with cartwheels and skipping.

 Red Fish and I got to go to the symphony opening gala together to see Lang Lang perform on the piano. It was amazing. Couldn't have had a better date but I am now convinced that we both need ballgowns.
 Right now I am really enjoying my afternoons with this kiddo. She loves to write lists and her favorite thing is to go grocery shopping together. She is the keeper of the list and she takes the job seriously. I give her the recipes I want to use and she makes the list and checks each thing off as we shop. Who knew shopping with a kid could be so amazing.

There have been art projects galore and preparations for reflections.


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