Tuesday, September 16, 2014


 This little girl is five today.  It goes by so fast.  New Fish wanted a new big girl room for her birthday.  She started talking about it almost a year ago.  No more baby room with fish on the walls.  She wanted it to be pink and golden-fit for a princess.  I planned on painting the walls a light pink but Two Fish insisted that we might as well make it as pink as possible. Now it is definitely PINK. It is far from subtle.  Paining over the fish was a huge pain because they had to be sanded off the wall.  It took much longer than planned.  I was happy I got it all done in time for her birthday.
I just can't imagine my life without this sassy, spunky, brilliant, beautiful little girl in it.  She makes me laugh every single day.  She is loving to the point of driving people crazy but she has a huge heart.  She can't hold it inside.  She has recently started reading chapter books like Magic Treehouse.  She is scary smart and I have a hard time keeping her busy.  She makes friends wherever she goes. She is never afraid of talking to children she has never met.  She adores her older sister and her cousins.  She loves babies and wants to spend as much time as possible around small children.  New Fish dances and sings through every day. She is feisty and charismatic. She is a very picky eater and if she had her way she would spend every day with her Daddy and make him carry her everyplace. She loves a challenge. She doesn't put up with any garbage from anyone and she knows just how to push most people's buttons. She loves books, princesses, snuggling, all things girly and to make people laugh. I'm convinced she is the most fabulous five year old on the planet. I am thankful for every day I have had her in my life. 


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