Saturday, September 6, 2014

Family Day

 We spent the morning at a nearby animal musuem.  The girls love animals.  They loved the massive bug collection as they have just started a bug collection of their own.

 There was a live animal show while we were at the museum.  The presenter gave clues about the animals and then brought the animals out for show and tell.  Red Fish could hardly contain herself during the lecture.  She ran straight to the front when the presenter invited the kids to hold the animals.  She let a tarantula walk all over her and held a snake.  It was gross and she loved it.  New Fish pet the snake and lizard but there was no way she was going to hold a spider.

 We spent the afternoon up the canyon with our sketch pads.  I would have like to draw at the museum as well but we didn't have our supplies with us.  There needs to be much more drawing our lives.  We used pastels to sketch the waterfall and then pencil to draw different leaves.  I need to start remembering to take sketch books on our adventures.


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