Saturday, September 13, 2014

5 and 90

 We celebrated my grandfather, Bockum's 90th birthday with my extended family.  It was more family than we have had together in years.  We had a big BBQ in the backyard with everyone.  New Fish shares a birthday with Bockum- they are birth day twins with an 85 year gap.

 There was a little bit of swimming.  Two Fish was kind enough to get in the pool with the kids while I finished putting up decorations.
 We ate dinner and chatted and relived old memories.

 My cousin K has her birthday the day before New Fish.
The birthday twins did a little tap dancing since Bockum is a tap dancer and New Fish just started taking lessons.  I hope I can tap dance when I am ninety. If I could pick and choose what my children remember about their childhood, these are the kinds of things I want them to remember. 


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