Thursday, September 25, 2014


I am finding it difficult to make time for the girls to do their chores.  Having a kid in school ALL DAY is rough.  I miss her terribly and I feel like she never has enough time to play so I struggle to get anything done after school.  Part of me knows that chores are important and that she has to learn responsibility so I keep fighting the battle and making chores a daily necessity.

Just a little list for the record keeping portion of my blog.

1.Cleaning rooms/making beds
2. Setting the table for dinner and clearing their own plate at every meal.
3. Putting their clean laundry away.
4. Practicing Piano
5. Cleaning the playroom
6. Picking up their bathroom
7. Feeding the dog
8. Speech practice (Red Fish)
9. Homework
10. Reading
11. Math workbooks (this does not happen every day.)


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