Sunday, June 16, 2013

Red Fish's First Piano Recital

 Red Fish has been taking piano lessons since February.  She has fallen in love with playing the piano and performs for friends and family every chance she gets.  This was her first recital and there was a pretty big audience (around 50 people) so I was really proud of her for getting up there an performing all by herself.  I could tell she was nervous because she sang the notes in solfège but at home she has been singing the words to the songs. It didn't matter but I could tell she was just a little bit scared.  Red Fish played two solos and an ensemble piece.  She has really enjoyed taking piano this semester and I hope she will continue to enjoy it so I won't have to bug her to practice. Red Fish also had to sing a little song with her class.

 Mimi brought her flowers because it was her first recital.  Red Fish was BEYOND THRILLED.  She was so excited to receive flowers for the first time and she talked about them the whole way home.
Her cute friend S who also played in the recital.


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