Friday, June 28, 2013

Farm Outing

New Fish pretty much insists on always wearing a dress.  She is going to be mad that I"m not packing dresses for our upcoming trip.
 I was in a complete panic trying to prepare for a massive family road trip and trying to get ready to take two weeks off of work but the girls said that I NEVER take them to ride horses anymore and they were desperate to get out and see their friends.  I completely caved and took them to the farm for a very hot morning full of animals, fun and ice cream.
 Red Fish has added horse riding lessons to the ever growing list of classes she needs to take.  It is right up there with learning to speak Navajo.  Luckily for me, she isn't old enough yet so we can concentrate on juggling a few of the many activities she would like to be involved in.  One of the great things about Red Fish is that it isn't difficult to find things that make her happy.  She is interested in everything.  She wants to know and learn about every subject under the sun.  She is easily encouraged to try new things.  I love that trait.  I'm trying to find more of it in myself.
On the wagon ride


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