Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Night Night Routine

Trying to get more organized is a constant battle for me. Red Fish hasn't been sleeping very well and I think we need to start trying to persuade her to go to bed earlier so Two Fish and I have more time together and hopefully Red Fish will sleep better. We've had a pretty good nighttime routine for her in the past but we decided to really try and stick to it and start it earlier.
Here is the routine we have come up with-
1- Bottle
2- Say Goodnight to everyone
3- Change her diaper and clothes
4- Brush her two little teeth (trying to set good habbits early.)
5- Clean up her room and pick out clothes for the next day
6- Change the CD in her player if it's been a while.
7- Prayers
8- Read for awhile
9- Press Play on the CD and rock for a few minutes in the dark
10- Lay her down with her blankie.


Blogful said...

great routine. That sleep book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" is amazing. His big stress is that it's consistent. Doesn't matter what you do, so long as it's the same every time.

Lisa said...

That sounds like a good routine. I have read in several books that children fall asleep easier and stay asleep better when their bedtime is earlier. "Sleep begets sleep." I know when I am ultra-tired, it is harder to fall asleep. This didn't prove true with S (we actually had more success with a later bedtime), but I think it is true for most babies.

She is at a prime age for nightwaking, between teething, separation anxiety, and all the developmental milestones she's working on, so be prepared for the very normal possibility that she may still have some issues even with a great bedtime routine. Both of my kids woke up more frequently during this time. With D, it was between about 5 and 10 months; with S it was lasted much longer.

Joanna said...

Our bedtime routine is the saving grace to my sanity level! ;)

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