Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lovely L

My friend L and I have been friends since we were 10 and 11. We went to the same elementary school. We went to music camp together when we were in middle school. We also went on a really fun business trip with our fathers (they work together) to London when we were 13 and 14. We worked together at our Dads' office in highschool. We spent most of our weekends in college together. We've had numerous movie nights, sleepovers, shopping trips, sushi outtings, concerts and fun weekends together. We got married 5 weeks apart, planned our weddings together, and were eachother's maids of honor. I've gone to visit her (sadly she moved away right after she got married) a couple times and plan to again this fall. So basically we are the best of friends. A couple days ago she found out she is having a little girl. Now our girls will be exactly (down to the month) as far apart in age as Lovely L and I are. Only my daughter will be the older one this time. I look forward to our girls having adventures together and hopefully having as much fun as we have had in the last 16 years.

PS- L I think we need to plan something killer for our 20th anniversary - what do you think?

Oh too many pictures to pick from so I'll just post a few.London 1994

My 20th birthday eating my favorite sushi. 2001Tea in Beverly Hills 2006


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