Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chatty Cathy

At Red Fish's last Dr. appointment, the pediatrician and I discussed how the next few months will be the most important months in Red Fish's language development. He said that most of her language skills will be developed in the next three months. This has definitely inspired me to talk more Red Fish. I've always tried to have conversations with her throughout the day but sometimes when I get busy I forget to talk to her about what I am doing. The last couple days I have made more of an effort to discuss our daily activities with Red Fish. I've already noticed she is talking more to me in return. She happily babbles away at me and she has been laughing more than usual too. She has started tapping herself with both hands on her tummy to indicate that she wants us to watch her or hug her. I think she taps herself to say ME! I can't wait to start understanding everything that goes on inside her little head.

Tonight we played a new game. After Two Fish got home from work we both got down on the ground with Red Fish. We crawled in slow motion across the floor encouraging her to catch us. She laughed so hard she fell over a couple times and every time she "caught us" (touched our ankles) we would fall over and cheer for her. It was hilarious. She is getting to be so much fun to play with. Just dumping toys out of a measuring cup can become a funny game.


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