Monday, August 25, 2008


Last weekend we went to a local Reservoir with some friends for a really fun campout. The trip started off badly when we took off late and had to listen to Red Fish cry most of the way there. But luckily she just hates her carseat (I think she is too big for it and needs a new one) and she was happy as a clam as soon as we were out of the car. We cooked smores and sat around the campfire while the babies went to sleep. The next morning we had a wonderful pancake breakfast and then went down to the beach. I always forget how much fun the reservoir is. It has this fabulous beach. It's the kind of beach you can walk into the water without worrying about stepping on something creepy. Red Fish loved digging in the sand with her bucket and riding around in her little inflatable rocketship.
Red Fish's first camping trip.
Red Fish slept like a log. I think next year we are going to need a bigger tent! There really wasn't room for all three of us.
Having some yummy breakfast.
Fun With Friends.Red Fish, Two Fish, One Fish, A and Sparky, Lovely N, Baby A, and L

Red Fish was a big fan of the reservoir. She couldn't get enough of the water and sand.

The babies had a blast floating around in this little rocket ship.
Red Fish decided to poke her little co-piolet in the eye.
Then she was forced to ride in the rocket alone. She loved this thing so much we had to fill it with water and set it on the beach so that we wouldn't have to push her around all day.


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I love how baby A is just sitting there taking it.

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