Saturday, October 18, 2014


We started the day by attending a friend's baptism. It was fun to take the girls with me and see their reactions. I can't believe Red Fish will be old enough to get baptized next year. (In the LDS church we baptize by immersion at age eight or older.) 

 The girls have new cameras and they have been obsessed with taking picture everyplace we go.  They requested that we walk around the temple so they could take some pictures. I snapped one of my own.  New Fish really does hug Red Fish as frequently as she appears in these huggy photos. They are snuggly children. After the temple we went to a Halloween Fair as a family.  We've gone every year for a long time. There are bounce houses, rides, a corn beach, spooky houses (they are only haunted at night), a corn maze, puppet shows, hay rides etc. The girls had a blast.  It was a little crowded and over commercialized for me but it's only once a year.


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