Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Break Day 2

 We spent the day off from school at the aviary. We have been taking our sketch books on all of our adventures and we spent the bulk of our time drawing birds.  Drawing live, moving animals presented a challenge.  The girls would freak out every time their subject moved. The aviary is amazing because it is never crowded and there birds from all over the world.  This outing was the last thing on my list of stuff I wanted to do over the summer but it was a better Fall activity. The weather has been gorgeous and we have been making the most of the warm days.

 After Two Fish finished work, we met him for a picnic and hike up to a lake near our house. It was nice and steep, just the way the girls like things. We caught the last bit of Fall color in the mountains.


Lisa said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! We love the aviary too.

April and Jason said...

Where is this lake at? I LOVE your blog!

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