Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Day

 We ran to the pumpkin patch today.  We usually try to make a bigger deal about the pumpkin selection and make more an event out of the activity.  This year, I have been too busy helping with the neighborhood Halloween party and the Primary Program and work and kids and everything else.  The kids only care about getting a pumpkin.  We went to the patch they requested and they both picked out their pumpkins. They didn't want them so big that it would take them all night to scrape out the guts.
 We decided to do our annual spooky dinner BOO-fet for family home evening tonight. The girls took over and made the food.  I just put the mummy dogs in the oven. Two Fish declared it the most edible spooky dinner we have had because it was more cute than gross.  We had mummy dogs, witches brooms (cheese and pretzels), monster mouths and monster mash (the potatoes with the eyes.)
 We carved the pumpkins after dinner.  I helped scrape the last bit of the insides but the girls insisted on doing all of their own carving.

 We finished the evening off with pumpkin cookie decorating.  The final countdown to Halloween is on!


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