Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day Of Kindergarten

 I can't believe Red Fish is in kindergarten.  She has been ready for awhile, I have not.  It's going to be hard to have her gone even half days everyday.  She has a really cute teacher and has eight friends in her class from the neighborhood. She was hilarious picking out her clothes, necklace and earings the night before.  I am trying to cook breakfast four times a week and it is going to be really hard to learn how to cook a real meal, dress everyone and get us all out the door in the morning.  IT IS HARD.  Wish me luck that I can keep my resolve up.  I need to figure out more gluten free options. 
 We all took Red Fish to school.  She didn't even want us to come in the playground area with her.  I had to insist that I was coming with her whether she liked it or not.  She said "I guess if you really want to..." like I was crazy.
After school and swimming lessons, Red Fish sat Thing 1 and New Fish down and taught them songs for about and hour.  They were spellbound.  It was so sweet.  She is pointing out the notes in one of her piano books and playing the CD.  She is growing up so fast and I am so proud of the little person she is becoming.


Blogful said...

I remember back in the day you saying you couldn't do hair. Look at those perfectly straight double french braids on your big girl! Way to go, Mom. You're a great mother to these two beauties. They are growing so fast!

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