Friday, August 16, 2013

Art Day

 We have not been doing as much art this summer as we have in years past.  Actually the kids have been creating like crazy but there have not been as many organized projects that I supervise.  I guess I have been in a bit of a survival mode so we have been taking things pretty easy.  We have done our art group days and the table of supplies in the office is always open to the girls.  They have mostly been doing a ton of drawing and they are obsessed with making books, paper dolls and puppets.  Suddenly today they were bursting with the desire to paint and create.  They spent all day doing project after project.  First they traced drawings on watercolor paper with glue and acyrlic paint.  Then they filled them in with watercolors.  I LOVE these.  I think they turned out amazing.

New Fish's scuba scene

New Fish's hot air balloon from the Wizard Of Oz.

Red Fish's hot air balloon

Red Fish's underwater ice cream party.  I love the scuba diver and all of the ice cream cones piled high.
 After they finished their paintings they made sculptures.  Red Fish made a butterfly and a pot.  Then they started painting little canvases and painted their sculptures.
 New Fish didn't want to paint her sculpture so she started making stick puppets in the office.
 Then she made a sculpture out of pipe cleaners and colored masking tape.
 Then they went back outside and started splatter painting big butterflies.  It was definitely an art day.


Blogful said...

So be real with me here. What do you do with all this artwork once it's created? My kids friggin' panic if I dare throw anything away, but lets me serious, there just isn't room in the house for their artwork piles. PILES! Please tell me your solution, including how you diplomatically handle it.

One Fish said...

I throw everything away after they are in bed. Isn't that terrible? But there really just isn't enough room for it all. I display a lot of stuff around the house for awhile and then it quietly disappears.

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