Monday, August 19, 2013

Back To School Dinner

Every year we have a little back to school dinner and family home evening.  We chose the theme of "I will go I will do..."  My kids are always talking about things they "can't" do so we focused on the idea that we can do hard things.  We read about Nephi in the Book of Mormon and how the Lord helped him to accomplish great things.  Then we set some goals for the year.  Red Fish said that she wants to do really well at reading, math and art this year.  New Fish said she wants to eat more apples.  We had homemade lasagna and garlic bread with fruit, salad and fancy cupcakes.  There was one tantrum during the dinner that threw things off a bit but I guess that is to be expected.  Then Two Fish gave the girls each a father's blessing to help them start the year off right.  The girls look forward to this special night, especially Red Fish.  They were asking me for weeks ahead of time when we were going to have our special dinner with the blessings.  I adore these little family traditions.


Blogful said...

Oh my heck! No way! I seriously had "I will go, I will do." sitting next to "have I done any good." on a post it on my desk for WEEKS praying about which to use. I love that you used that theme. Please follow up and tell me how it's going, because there's a good chance I will use it next year.

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