Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Weekend

Working in the yard- We spent all day yesterday trying to clean up our yard. Our sprinkler systems is garbage but we are hoping it will hold up for a little while longer if we can finish all the repairs on it. We bought some plants and flowers and our front yard is starting to come together. (Have you seen the price of plants lately? It's outrageous!) Red Fish was such a little sweetie yesterday. She was so happy to hang out on a blanket in the shade. She loved watching the trees blowing and the birds flying around. She kept patting the grass off the side of the blanket too. She is such a happy little baby. We also took her new stroller for a spin. That's going to make life so much easier! As you can see I'm a little obsessed with her wearing sun glasses outside. I read all these articles about how kids who wear sun glasses have better eye sight later in life because their eyes won't get damaged by the sun. So everytime she goes outside I put them on her. Along with sun screen and a hat if she is going to be in the sun. She is so fair I'm afraid she will roast!

Trying to swim across the floor. Red Fish is really trying to move around now. We've gone from rolling to trying to crawl. It looks more like swimming than crawling and she keeps getting beached on her stomach. I think in a few weeks we won't be able to stop her though. Anyone have any baby proofing tips?


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