Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Pictures

Picnic at the Park.

Gammy and Red Fish on Mother's Day.
We had alot of Mothers to celebrate this mother's day. We went to my Mom's house last Saturday to have lunch with my Mom and my grandparents. My brother J wowed up with his culinary skill by making us curry chicken in acorn squash. It was pretty good. Then on Sunday we had my Mother in law and Two Fish's siblings and family over for dinner. It was wild but fun. Blue Fish had alot of friends to play ball with in the backyard. I think he was a little overwhelmed after awhile but he did pretty well. It's good for him to be around a lot of kids. Blue Fish is still the only one of us who can get Red Fish to do a belly laugh. I guess Mommy and Dad just aren't funny enough or something =-)


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