Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Official!!!

Today we went to court and FINALIZED OUR ADOPTION!!! It's been such a good day. It's so nice to know we finally have legal custody of Red Fish. It's a wonderful feeling! The judge swore us in and then our lawyer questioned us and our case worker. Then the judge went through the paperwork and approved our adoption. One Fish's Mom came with us. Then we went and applied for a passport for Red Fish. Poor baby had a long day. She kept falling asleep while they were trying to take her passport photo.


Lisa said...

Yay!!!! That exciting news! P.S. did we ever RSVP for the sealing? We're planning on it.

South African In London said...

That is such good news!! Congratulations on finalising the adoption. I am so excited for you.

TheStudes said...


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