Friday, January 22, 2016


Tonight at bedtime, New Fish hit her chin on the granite counter top and was crying pretty hard. I held her all during reading time and she ended up falling asleep. I sat on the couch for a good fourty-five minutes before transferring her to her bed, just enjoying what will undoubtedly be one of the last time one of my children falls asleep in my arms. The feeling of a heavy, sleepy child has been one of my favorite things about motherhood. I still getting plenty of snuggle time with both of the girls. We read together and watch movies and there is plenty of affection and I will continue to enjoy all of those moments of little heads on my shoulder. There is still something special about a sleepy baby or small child falling asleep comfortable in their mom's arms. So I sat there tonight, just enjoying the feeling and ignoring the big drool stain down the front of my t-shirt. Some of these things I wish I could keep with me forever. I mourn all of these tiny last times even though each new age continues to be so much fun. My kids are so much fun right now. They make me laugh as they continue to grow into these intense little people with so many little desires in their hearts and opinions of their own. The first time they draw a person is replaced by the first sweet legible note they write and first steps are replaced by first piano performances and I love it all.


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This is really sweet. Thanks for the reminders.

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