Friday, January 15, 2016

The Good And The Random

 Most ski days are wonderful. Sometimes there are meltdowns. Some days are just hard no matter where you are.

 These little buddies have so much fun together. New Fish only goes to half day kindergarten so she has been able to spend some extra time with Nixie lately. There is nothing better than playing in the snow.
 Red Fish has decided to learn to play the violin. She is taking lessons from my mom. She will be a third generation violinist.
 Pearler beads are all the rage at our house right now.
 A little visit with Lovely L and company. New Fish was in her element reading to her little buddies and entertaining them. She loves little kids!

 Blue Fish loves to listen to Red Fish practice. It doesn't matter if it is squeaky violin or the piano he sits right next to her and listens the whole time.
 Little bit of an update to our front room.

Every single day I find this kid tucked away some place reading. She is a book worm through and through.


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