Friday, December 18, 2015

Random Beautiful Moments

 Cute little New Fish at her school Christmas party. This kid loves kindergarten.

 Red Fish's class had an indoor snowball fight during their class party.
 Red Fish really wanted to babysit her cousins so when their parents brought them over for the evening Red Fish changed diapers, entertained, fed, red stories and put them to bed. She loved having some time with them to herself.
 Cool kid at the dentist office. A couple of days ago New Fish mentioned her "shark teeth" when I asked what she meant she showed me the new row of adult teeth that were growing up right behind her baby teeth instead of pushing the baby teeth out. We had to take a quick trip to the dentist to get the baby teeth pulled. The tooth fairy made her first visit, or rather forgot to visit but luckily Mommy found where the dollar bill "must have accidentally fallen between the bed and the wall." New Fish was a little disturbed that the tooth fairy "stole one of her body parts" and left her a dollar. Apparently she was not clear on tooth fairies stealing teeth so the tooth fairy had to return the tooth with an apology the next night.

 This is now my most prized Christmas decoration. The girls spent HOURS painstakingly creating this nativity for our front table out of sculpey complete with wise men with gifts, shepards farm animals, a camel and a monkey in a tree.


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