Monday, December 7, 2015

Dance Recital

 December dance recital was very fun. The girls were nervous to perform but they did a great job. It was very different from the tightly choreographed show that New Fish was in last season. No 25 pages of instructions on hair and makeup so that was a relief. New Fish has been taking jazz and ballet and Red Fish has been taking hip hop.

It was special that Mimi was able to attend. It is getting increasingly difficult for her to leave the house and the effort of coming was immense. I don't know how many more events my children can expect any of their great grandparents to attend and it pulls at my heart every time I think about it. My kids are so lucky to have had great grandparents in their lives to support and love them. Having six grandparents is an amazing thing. I pray every day that my kids will remember how loved they are and that they will remember the efforts that their family has made to support them.


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