Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Giving A Little Bit Of Myself

I love this picture.  I made all of us matching Christmas pajamas this year.  I have always wanted to.  Partly because of this of my Dad, grandparents and aunts - (our pajamas aren't quite as epic.)
In part I also wanted to make pajamas because my mom and both grandmothers sewed a lot in the past and there seems to be something about making clothes for someone that includes a little piece of your heart.  I'm a serious sentimentalist and I love the idea of putting a little piece of myself into our Christmas traditions this year.  I could have bought cheaper pajamas and they definitely would have been more perfectly made but I'm pretty proud of myself for making time to check this small item off my bucket list this year.  I know it won't mean as much to my kids and husband as it does to me but hopefully they feel the little bit of extra love.

Tonight when the girls were getting ready for bed, Red Fish was drawing at her new desk.  She set up a spot for New Fish and was even sharing all of her new art supplies.  She was very excited when she told me "This desk is just perfect. It's just big enough for [New Fish] to have half!" It melted my heart that "perfect" means big enough to share with her little sister. The best gifts we can give are the ones that share a little bit of ourselves. Watching these two sweet girls be sisters is one of the greatest joys of my life.


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