Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

 Christmas cookie decorating on Christmas Eve Day
 We spent Christmas eve at my parent's house
 Red Fish played the piano while we sang Christmas carols. It is so fun to hear how much progress she has made. She really has an ear for music.
 We played games including a decorate your own santa game that was hilarious.
 The kids went a little crazy turning Pop Pops into Santa.
 Our family on Christmas eve
 The traditional nativity play. Poor Two Fish had to play donkey and camel. New Fish wanted to be Mary and Thing 1 was Joseph. Thing 2 was a shepard.
Red Fish wanted to be a wise man following the star this year.
 Christmas morning
Red Fish got a sewing machine from Santa. I'm not a seamstress at all but Red Fish loves to create and she really wanted to learn how to sew so I guess we can learn together. She is already working on a pair of pajamas and the she will be pretty much caught up to my skill level.
New Fish in her new chair from Memine and Pop Pops

New Fish got a scooter for Chistmas.
Red Fish loved holding our squishy new Noodle baby.
 In the afternoon we went to Two Fish's mom's house to spend time with his side of the family. The cousins all draw names and exchange presents.


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