Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fireworks and Magic

 The annual parade and fair in our city is always fun. The girls get more candy than they could possibly eat and we cheer for any and all real floats (not dressed up trucks because they are lame.) Two Fish wanted to go see the fireworks in person for the first time.  We usually just watch from afar and avoid the crowds.

 The fair has lost much of its small town charm so we skipped it.  Two Fish built wooden cars with the girls and I painted their faces after I took Red Fish to see a friend's baptism at the stake center.  I think I am going to take her to all of the baptisms that I help with this year.  It's crazy to think that she can choose to be baptized in just over a year. 
The fireworks start late at night and the crowds are unbelieveable. I was grumpy and ready to scrap the whole plan but Two Fish was insistent that we needed to do this night right.  I'm so glad he is my partner in life and can pull me through when I am not feeling the festivity.  I love these traditions and even when I don't feel up to the work that tradition often demands from a mother, I would be sad to miss a moment of the fun. We parked at one of my childhood neighbor's houses and hoofed it over to the park.  We found a stretch of grass and cuddled up to watch the fireworks.

 I grew up right next to the park and this city wide celebration used to be one of my favorite traditions growing up.  This night made me feel like a kid again.  It made me miss my house and the simplicity of being an eight year old. It reminded me of the magic that comes with childhood and it made me more grateful for this little family of mine.  The firework show was fantastic and we all went to be exhausted. It was a good night for all of us.


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