Sunday, July 13, 2014


 We went to Bonaire on a dive trip while the girls stayed with my brother and sister in law.  The girls had a fabulous time with their cousins and we had fun scuba diving.  I didn't take hardly any pictures because I was too busy setting up dives and spending all of my time underwater diving off the coast of Bonaire and Bonaire Klein.  We did three-four dives a day.  We dove on Buddy Reef (the house reef at Buddy Dive Resort) multiple times.  We also enjoyed the Andrea I & II.  We dove Small Wall, 1000 Steps (a favorite), Kalli's Reef, Oil Slick Leap, Hilma Hooker (a wreck), Angel City, Rock Pile, Captain Don's Reef, Mi Dushi, Leonora's Reef, Just A Nice Dive, Sampler, Weber's Joy among others.  The diving in Bonaire is fantastic.  It is easy shore diving with beautiful coral and a lot of sea life.  We had a little truck to drive around the island and we really enjoyed our adventure together.

 While we were gone my kids were having a fabulous time with their cousins and aunt and uncle.  They didn't even want to talk to us on the phone because they were having so much fun.  I'm pretty sure it was one of the major highlights of their summer. They saw fireworks, played outside, went to the library and the park, had a giant slumber party every night and just generally enjoyed themselves.


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