Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

 There is no question about how we feel about Two Fish.  I am definitely raising two Daddy's girls. Two Fish was greeted with an early breakfast before church and a handmade crown because New Fish always says that Daddy is the king at our castle.
 After church we had a bittersweet evening with the O side of our family.  Three of the little cousins and Aunt L and Uncle J are moving cross country.  We were happy to be together and very sad to say goodbye. I am definitely the annoying aunt who makes everyone gather for a picture.  I'm okay with being that annoying aunt because I love pictures, even pictures of bored teenage boys. I don't really care if they smile as long as they are in the picture.  I am hopeful that someday they will be glad they all have pictures with their cousins.
 After we left, both of my girls broke down crying.  They are really going to miss their cousins, especially RiRi. It was a very sad drive home.


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